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Links of interest

The Bible and Self-defense

Gun Ownership As Civic Virtue
Pastor and author Douglas Wilson

Mouseguns' CBA page
A large list of web articles on Christians Bearing Arms

WARSKYL: A Page For Christian Martialists
"The Christian Martialist is primarily a defender of the faithful (one who in time of crisis puts himself between God's flock and danger). This blog is dedicated to those who voluntarily shoulder this burden." Author of "Biblical Studies in Self-Defense".
"America's foremost pro-gun minister", author of "Self-Defense and the Bible"

ReformationOnline: A Biblical View of Self Defense
Richard P. Martin, LtCol, USAF (retired).| "A Biblical defense of this misunderstood doctrine."

A series of post on Christian self-defense

Pacifism thoughts
Michael Pearl answers a question about pacifism

The Bible and Self-Defense

About | Chrisitianity | What Does the Bible Say? article on the Bible and self-defense

Sources for Training

Thunder Ranch


Cumberland Tactics

Morrigan Consulting


Political Action Groups


Buckeye Firearms

Church Security Resources

Christian Security Network

5 Stones intelligence

"Guarding the Sheep", World, September 12, 2009.

Church security training from Gideon Protective Services, Inc.
A compelling summary of church attacks is found here.

Carl Chinn's Church Crime History
A full list of deadly force incidents at faith-based organizations.

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Self-defense guide for senior citizens